About Posh Industries

Posh are experts on everything digital and technical.

We got here by starting out a bit early, back in 1995, when the digital era was still considered somewhat of a passing trend. But we hung tight and strongly believed in the power of GIF animations back then. And look at the web now, with all its fancy background videos and YouTube.

We knew the digital revolution was just a decade away!

Our values are the same today. We believe in combining exciting new technology in never before seen ways to create amazing experiences. That is our passion. We love to make people engage with technology, and we love for our customers to shine.

Beat spectacular, every step of the way.

Why does digital matter?

A strong brand is the result of really hard work. Getting people’s attention is getting tough. That’s why going digital will help you making branding and attention less hard. It can actually be kinda fun doing it.

Now, how would that be possible?

For years showing up in a trade fair booth with a bunch of brochures and a bucket of sweets was enough. But frankly, that won’t do the job any more. It won’t make anyone stop and say “Hey, let’s check out that awesome company and grab a handful of branded candy!”

What you need is engagement. Engagement over time. And that can only really happen if you go digital, and do it smartly.

With over 20 years of digital experience, we know exactly what needs to be done to get the most out of your sales and marketing activity in real life situations. That covers events, trade fairs, public installations and conferences. We know how to make you the center of attention and enjoying it at the same time.

There are three steps to success which we can help you with:

  1. Create engagement before the event
  2. Create engagement during the event
  3. Create engagement after the event

Exactly how we do it is a secret, but we’d love to share it with you! Just open up your calendar and give us a call, an email or a text message. We would love to help you!

What we do

We do everything that’s digital. And we love to combine it with the analog. Here’s a selection of stuff:

For events & trade fairs

  • Multitouch tables with content
  • Multitouch walls with content
  • Games and competitions to engage and bring back customers
  • Information visualization

For the web

  • Campaign websites
  • Online games and competitions
  • Websites
  • Banner ads

For other platforms

  • Custom mobile applications, like event agendas
  • Games
  • Utilities

A selection of our clients